Safety-Kleen to Conduct Preliminary Engineering for New Oil Re-Refinery in Southern U.S.

Addition of third re-refinery could expand processing capacity by 45 million gallons

PLANO, TX — Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., today announced plans to move forward with preliminary engineering for its third North American used oil re-refinery, designed to further solidify the company's position as the world's leading re-refiner.

"Our two existing re-refineries, in Breslau, Ontario, and East Chicago, Indiana, have already processed more than 2.5 billion gallons of used oil into high-quality lubricants and byproducts," said Safety-Kleen CEO and President Robert Craycraft. "Acceptance of our re-refined products, particularly EcoPower, is well-established and growing among corporate fleets, consumers, and government agencies, and we want to extend our leadership in this important market."

EcoPower is premium-quality re-refined motor oil and is certified to meet or exceed the quality standards set by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Safety-Kleen is evaluating several potential sites in the Southeast and Gulf Coast regions, according to Dave Sprinkle, the company's executive vice president, oil re-refining.

"We have several locations under evaluation, each of which makes good sense in terms of used oil availability, existing infrastructure and logistics," Sprinkle said. "Now we have to determine which site makes the most economic sense."

Safety-Kleen began producing high-quality re-refined oil products in 1988, and has steadily increased its processing capacity to today's level of approximately 145 million gallons of used oil feedstock per year. The company's Breslau plant is currently undergoing a 10-million gallon per year capacity expansion. The new southern U.S. facility will increase Safety-Kleen's overall re-refining capacity to approximately 200 million gallons of used oil feedstock annually.

About Safety-Kleen

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